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Feb. 14th, 2012- A meeting was held On Monday 13th Feb with executive council member Burney Elhage and spokesperson for B.I.C.E.P.S, Mr. Sean Paton.

The meeting was informal and exploratory, with the intention of seeking common ground in respect of the potentially hazardous conditions pertaining to the landfill. While it is an immediate threat to people who live in the vicinity, it is also of concern to the entire population of the island.

Mr. Paton indicated that legal action is an option that may be considered, but such will only be resorted to if progress to a solution is considered to have been stalled. Mr. Elhage was willing to work on the immediate problem of securing the location and providing proper fire fighting equipment, these being the first steps of a far more detailed plan that would be put forward at a formal meeting to take place in the first weeks of March. However, there needs to be an immediate cessation of all and any form of improper processing of waste at the site. 

Mr. Elhage voiced his concern at the fact goats were grazing on the land fill and no real separation plan was in effect for rubbish coming to the land fill.

Mr. Paton made it clear that though the BICEPS was willing to work together with all parties this did not preclude others from taking action due to personal injury suffered from the effects of the mismanagement of the landfill site.


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